Hypothermic patient


You are dispatched to a residential neighborhood for a patient who fell in a snowbank roughly two hours ago. You arrive on scene and find a 65 Y/O female lying supine in a snowbank on the sidewalk. You are unable to detect a pulse or respirations, but the patient moves to verbal stimuli.

Vital Signs

  • Pulse: Undetectable
  • Respirations: Undetectable
  • Blood pressure: 94/58 mmHg
  • Eyes: 6 mm
  • LOC: Verbal stimuli
  • Lung sounds: Clear bilaterally
  • Skin: Pale, cold and waxy


If you cannot detect a pulse or respirations for a hypothermic patient, but they are able to move, you should:

Begin CPR immediately.

Begin CPR and apply the AED immediately.

Begin positive pressure ventilation with a BVM @ 15 lpm.

Apply the AED to analyze the patient's rhythm.


How would you handle this scenario? Use the comment system below to explain your actions and any treatment(s) you would perform.

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